The phrase “scientific hooliganism” was first uttered by a man named John Ambrose Fleming in response to the interruption of an early radio demonstration put on by Guglielmo Marconi and himself. The year was 1903, and Marconi was to broadcast a signal from Poldhu, Cornwall to the Royal Institution in London, around 300 miles away, where it would be received by Fleming.

Shortly before receiving Marconi’s signal, Fleming’s equipment received another signal, from a man named Nevil Maskelyne, mocking them and the security of their system. Fleming later referred to Maskelyne’s intrusion as “scientific hooliganism”.

I encourage you to read the whole story surrounding these words. It is quite interesting. In any case I rather like the phrase. To me it conveys a sense of light hearted mischievousness, offensive only in the annoyance of the pretentious, with a playful and humorous intent, but guided by the pursuit of knowledge. It seems to posess an air of sophistication, yet it rolls off the tongue with ease.

Naturally I figured it would make a good name for a blog. I registered the domain, intending to create a powerful concentration of awesome capable of burning the beard off a hipster with a single visit, but I will probably just use it to host writeups on some of my projects and essays on various technical subjects.

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